Commercial Roofing Services in Dallas TX


Your commercial roof deserves top-quality workmanship, which is exactly what you will get from our full-time roofers and project managers. Blue Hammer Roofing is part of a company founded in 2008 which means a company with over 10 years of experience managing, restoring and repairing properties. We exclusively service the Dallas Fort Worth area and have offices in both Texas and Louisiana which allows our dedicated crews to always be around to provide quality workmanship.

Blue Hammer Roofing are experts in hail, wind, tornado and storm based roof repairs and replacements with millions of dollars in repairs performed every year.


Property Access

Please park your vehicles out of the garage and off the driveway one day prior and up to one day after the roof replacement to allow time for a detailed clean up. Please unlock all gates to provide access to all areas or your yard for cleanup. Please turn off alarms and sprinkler systems. Confine pets indoors or away from the work area and please check all gates before releasing your pets back into the yard.


Roof tear off

If we are tearing off to an exposed attic due to open lathes or rafters, please cover or remove any valuables stored in the attic. We do not include decking replacement in our standard reroof contract unless noted. Replacement for warped decking will be an additional charge as it is a preexisting condition: Blue Hammer Roofing is not responsible for clean up in the attic.

Wiring and A/C Lines

Electrical, telephone, security systems, computer, cable, tv, air conditioning and gas lines should not be installed directly underneath the roof deck. If you are aware of any such lines, we must be notified immediately. Blue Hammer Roofing can not assume responsibility for these items.

Vibration and Dust

Vibration from the construction can cause loose items to fall and break. Please remove any such items to prevent damage. Dust may also fall due to these vibrations. Anyone who is asthmatic or allergic to dust should not be present during installation. Vibrations over vaulted ceilings may lead to nail pops and small cracks in the tape and bed. Blue Hammer Roofing is not responsible for these potential occurrences.

Satellite Dishes

Our bid includes removal and resetting of any roof mounted satellite dishes but does not include the cost of re-calibration in the event it is needed. Blue Hammer Roofing is not responsible for the lost or poor reception.


In order to properly re-flash a skylight, we may need to remove the frame which could lead to dried paint, texture, sheet rock fragments, etc. to fall directly inside your home. Please remove anything directly underneath all skylights prior to installation. Blue Hammer Roofing cannot assume responsibility for pre-existing paint/texture conditions in skylight wells.


Upon completion, please check the interior connections of your heater and hot water heater exhausts. If you are unable to do this, please notify us and we will inspect it for you.


Work will be delayed for each day that rain or high winds are in the forecast.


We will order extra materials when planning your roof replacement. Any leftover material will be picked up within 48 hours of completion and will remain the property of Blue Hammer Roofing.

Clean Up

A thorough cleanup will be performed upon completion. Tall grass impedes the efficiency of our magnets. If your grass is tall, we suggest you have it mowed prior to install.

Personal Care

Some landscapes present a challenge and we will try to protect your landscape to the best of our ability. If you have low hanging branches over your roof, some trimming may be necessary and you may wish to hire a professional. We will attempts to protect your shrubs, flowers, etc but the layout or location may hinder us from doing so. To ensure safety, please keep children and animals away from the work area at all time.